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May 4: Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

Israel’s rebellion never changed God’s love, His relationship or His plan for her. Today we are seeing more and more Jewish people being reconciled and restored to God through faith in Yeshua.

May 3: Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

Gathering and Return of the Jewish People Sadly,  as Israel celebrates her rebirth, our Muslim residents and neighbors call this day, “The Catastrophe.”  But the rebirth of the nation is proof that the Bible is true and God’s promises are eternal. All that God does for Israel is for His glory. Ezekiel 37:21-22 Tell them, […]

May 1: Israeli Holiday – From Death to Life

Since her rebirth in 1948, Israel has fought many wars and waves of terror.

The sound of alarms is almost continuous in some areas of the country and people have only 6 seconds to reach the safety of a bomb shelter. Terror stalks on many streets with many weapons.

April 30: Israeli Holiday – From Death to Life

-Yom HaZikaron, Memorial Day Tomorrow is Memorial Day in Israel.  It is the day to honor fallen soldiers and people that have been victims of terror. Memorial Day in Israel is observed from sunset to sunset. Places of entertainment are closed. Twice during that time, one can hear the sound of a siren that is heard throughout […]

April 29: Israeli Holiday- From Death to Life

As God’s witness, Israel reflects God’s love even in the darkness of the Holocaust. For those who ask questions, there really is no “satisfactory” answer. But this we can say, “Out of those ashes of death came life.”

April 28: Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

Finally, God gives to Ezekiel and to us the meaning of this vision. The dry bones are symbolic of Israel and reflect her loss of faith and discouragement. Because of the Holocaust many Jewish people lost their faith in God. Even today we often hear the challenge, “Why did God allow the Holocaust?”