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October 18: Redemption and Salvation  

As it was in Jeremiah’s day, many in Israel are still in rebellion, without fear of God. In Jeremiah’s day the answer to repentance and redemption was a return to the Law of Moses. Today the only answer is by God’s grace through faith in Yeshua. Only Yeshua is the way to God’s forgiveness. Only faith in Him can end the cycle of rebellion.

August 26: Redemption and Salvation

Along with God’s promise of Israel’s future deliverance from all oppressors He calls her to spiritual attention. This same call is needed today. Many in Israel have become weary with the spiritual battles. She is also attacked militarily, emotionally, and politically. Because she has rejected Yeshua as her Redeemer, Savior and Deliverer, she has become confused and discouraged.

August 6: Tisha b’Av

In His love and mercy, God continuously offers Israel and all people a way of deliverance, salvation and redemption. His offer has one condition, by grace through faith in His atonement – Yeshua .

July 1: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

Scripture is clear that there is an eternal life after death – a life with God with pleasures forevermore, or a life separated from Him of shame and gnashing of teeth. The choice of eternity must be made during this earthly life.

June 30: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

To those who love Israel and the Jewish people, it is hard to comprehend that 2/3 of the Jewish people will be “cut off and die.” The tragedy is not that they will die, but that they will die without saving faith in Yeshua.

June 29: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

The only people who can sound the alarm to warn Israel and the Jewish people are those who know and believe in God’s warning as revealed and written by His prophets.