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August 13: God’s unique relationship with Israel

The life message of the Hebrew prophets reflected many aspects of God’s character.  For the next few weeks we will listen to Jeremiah and Isaiah to pray God’s messages to Judah.    First we hear God’s broken heart for the sins of Israel, the nation He’s chosen to carry His name to the nations. Then […]

August 11: God’s Unique relationship with Israel

Yesterday we prayed that Israel would remember and believe God’s promises about restoring the land and the nation of Israel.  Throughout Israel’s history God made and kept His promises. God made a promise to King David that his son would build the Temple.  God kept that promise.  King Solomon, David’s son, dedicated that promised temple.  He gave […]

August 8: Tisha b’Av

-Promise to gather and return God made a marriage covenant with Israel. He will continue to plead with Israel, His unfaithful wife, to return to Him until the day when “all Israel is saved.” Jeremiah 3:14-15 “You people have not been faithful,” announces the Lord. “Return to me. I am your husband. I will choose […]

August 6: Tisha b’Av

In His love and mercy, God continuously offers Israel and all people a way of deliverance, salvation and redemption. His offer has one condition, by grace through faith in His atonement – Yeshua .