May 31: Gathering and Return of the Jewish People

The focus is on the GATHERING of the Jewish people from the nations of the world and returning them to the land of Israel. There is a synergetic relationship between the gathering of the people (today’s focus), the land of Israel (Monday’s focus), God’s protection (Saturday’s focus) and the spiritual revival of Israel (tomorrow’s focus). […]

May 29: Unique Relationship between Israel and God

God has never and will never reject His people.  His faithfulness is the foundation of our faith.   Despite their sin and unfaithfulness,  He remains faithful. If God could reject Israel as a people and as a nation, there would be no rational reason for Christians to trust Him or His word.  Therefore it is appropriate […]

May 28: Restoration of the Land

When speaking of the Land of Israel, one immediately thinks of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem the place where God chose to put His name.  Jerusalem and worship cannot be separated.  Therefore as we pray for the restoration of the Land of Israel we cannot ignore the need for the restoration of the people to the City of […]

May 27: Righteousness in Israel

Before the Torah was given to Israel through Moses, Abraham was considered righteousness BECAUSE he believed God.  God showed him the heavens – which declare God’s existence and His glory.  Abraham probably thought, “If God could do all that…He can do whatever He says.”  Must have been his thoughts…loving faith in God is the #1 […]

May 26: Redemption & Salvation

Today God does not want people put to death for not entering into the covenant, instead He continues to woo them with His love, His grace and His discipline.  What is our prayer focus is that Israel will have that same zeal and commitment.  As long as there is life and breath there is hope, […]

May 25: God is Israel’s Protector

God never breaks His word, His promises are always “yes.”  Our confusion comes not from God’s not answering His promises, but from our ability to hear Him correctly!  What He promises HE WILL DO!  He is the final, no, He is the only authority.  What He has promised no man, circumstance or situation can altar. […]

MayY 24: The Nations & Israel

Many consider the challenges Israel faces with her neighbors is political but it is not. It is spiritual AND emotional going back to our respective fathers and the rivalry between Isaac and Ismael and Esau and Jacob. God loves ALL people, but in the process of “choosing” for His purposes one always feels rejected. Rejection […]

May 23: Israel’s Redemption & Salvation

Wednesday, May 23 the focus is the restoration and salvation of the people of Israel.  Ezekiel 18:30-32: “Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God. “Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin.  Cast away from you all the transgressions […]

May 22: God’s Unique Relationship with Israel

The focus is, once again, the unique relationship of God with Israel, ergo His name, God of Israel. As we focus on these Scriptures it is important to remember that God has no favorites, He loves all people the same. But He does have certain callings and purposes for individuals and nations.     It’s also […]

May 21: The Land of Israel

You will note that God often reminded Israel that their possession and occupation of the Land was contingent on their LOVING obedience and faithfulness to God. HOWEVER God’s promise is unconditional and has not negated Israel’s inheritance of the Land as you see from today’s final verse. After years of rebellion and idolatry God had […]