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June 23: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

The world of the prophets was limited to the people and nations surrounding and impacting Israel. Of course these ancient nations have today morphed but God’s warnings still apply as well as to nations not mentioned.

June 19: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

God’s judgment on Edom reflects His punishment on any people or nation that treats Israel badly.

From their conception, the twin sons of Isaac struggled in the womb. The conflict erupted when Esau traded his inheritance for a bowl of soup. Of course rather than take responsibility for his actions Esau blamed Jacob.

June 18: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

God is patient and long suffering, enduring the rebellion of both Israel and the nations. But there comes a time when He will no longer strive with mankind. In His holiness and justice, He must act. We must not be deceived or complacent but be aware of the coming judgement.

June 14: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

We cannot change God’s ultimate plan of redemption which includes His judgement of the Gentiles and His discipline of Israel. But we can stand in the gap for the salvation of our nations’ leaders that more of them will be saved even as they carry out God’s will.