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June 14: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

We cannot change God’s ultimate plan of redemption which includes His judgement of the Gentiles and His discipline of Israel. But we can stand in the gap for the salvation of our nations’ leaders that more of them will be saved even as they carry out God’s will.

June 12: Jacob’s Trouble: God’s unique relationship with Israel.

God has a unique relationship with Israel. This relationship has been a blessing and privilege but as we’ve seen, it also demands great responsibility. The Lord God of Israel considers this relationship very personal. Israel and the Jewish people are the “apple of His eye.”

June 10: Jacob’s Trouble – The Nations

The history of the relationship between Jews and Christians has been challenging on both sides. * At the core of the problem is the belief that God has replaced Israel with the Church; that the blessings promised to Israel now belong to the Church but all the judgment remains on Israel. Of course the Bible says the exact opposite.