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June 28: Jacob’s Trouble – God’s unique relationship with Israel

We begin to see God’s continual offer of grace, mercy, and salvation even while He is warning of great discipline for Israel’s sins.

June 27: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

Daniel was given a revelation of God’s plan of redemption for Israel through Yeshua the Messiah. While we don’t know the exact timing of the 70th week, we do know God’s purpose – to “finish the transgression and made an end of sins” of the Jewish people and of the land of Israel.

June 25: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

Praying through Jacob’s Trouble and the Day of the Lord can bring discouragement and sadness. Praising God, as we did yesterday, is the way to get our focus on His goodness and sovereignty. In Yeshua, there is always the hope of repentance and restitution.

May 16: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

In mercy God offers to everyone the option of righteousness through the sacrifice of Yeshua. Only through Him can there be forgiveness of sin, redemption and salvation.

May 15: Jacob’s Trouble – Redemption and Salvation

For those who love Israel and the Jewish people, going through this series is increasingly difficult as we think about the trouble that lies ahead. But ignorance will not stop the plan of God to bring redemption and salvation to Israel. Who better to pray for Israel than those who love her and believe in God’s infallible Word?

May 4: Israeli Holiday: From Death to Life

Israel’s rebellion never changed God’s love, His relationship or His plan for her. Today we are seeing more and more Jewish people being reconciled and restored to God through faith in Yeshua.

April 5: Passover

While John was baptizing the Jews in the Jordan, he saw Yeshua coming to the river. Today we don’t really understand how startling John’s declaration was that Yeshua was the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

March 26: Passover

The Hebrew word used in this promise reflects more than just physical freedom; eventually it denotes a spiritual freedom. The word גאל [ga’al] is the action of the closest relative who pays a ransom for the one in bondage.

March 5: Redemption and salvation

Some good news To consider Israel’s future devastation is too hard for most, especially for the Jewish people themselves.  We hear the cry, “Haven’t they endured enough?”  Sadly no, while more are turning to Yeshua in faith,  as a nation they have still rejected Yeshua.   But God’s warnings are always followed by His loving […]