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August 27: Righteousness

Job considered himself a righteous man because of all the good things he had done. But he expected something in return Therefore when he did not receive the same kind treatment from others, he was very upset. When God looked at Job, He looked beyond what Job did, He looked at the way Job feared […]

March 4: Righteousness

Many Jews blame God for the Holocaust. Even those who love and trust Him, cannot understand why such evil was “allowed” to exist and continue for so long. But God does not cause evil, nor does He prevent man’s choice to do evil. What He promises is to be with His children in the midst of their suffering.

March 3: Righteousness

Many Jewish people (and Gentiles) reject God because they believe He is not fair. But they are judging Him by their personal standards. God’s forgiveness is not based on a person’s “good heart” or attempts at “good works.” God’s standards are based on His holiness and His justice which demand atonement.

March 1: Righteousness

The Watchman’s Message God has given the watchmen a very simple and clear message to bring to the people of Israel.  The hard part is not the message but its declaration.  Confronting people of their sin is not easy, for either the one who speaks or the one who hears.  Israel did not want to […]