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July 29:Tisha b’Av

Many people only think about God’s blessing upon Israel and the Jewish people. But God’s choice of Israel to be His witness also includes their responsibility that comes with His privilege of blessing. Therefore we need to understand His judgment and punishment on Israel because of her sin as part of Israel’s “chosen-ness.”

July 28: Tisha b’Av

Often American educators talk about “the 3 R’s” meaning: reading, writing and arithmetic.”

Consider the “3 R’s” of relationship with God: rest, reflect and repent. If we observe these three “R’s” the result will be: restoration and rejoicing!

July 24: Tisha b’Av

Religious activities are meaningless to God, regardless of the sincerity of the worshipper. True worship flows from an intimate relationship with God through the atonement of Yeshua. That relationship will result in caring for others. Even today many people in Israel try to achieve God’s blessing through activities without atonement of their sins.

July 23: Tisha b’Av

On the eve of Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the month of Av) the count down to the 9th begins with increasing mourning. This nine day count down culminates on the day when the forces of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia finally broke through the defensive walls surrounding Jerusalem, generally accepted as happening in 586 BCE — and ends with the public fast day of Tishaa B’Av — when the Babylonians finally destroyed the First Temple in 597 BCE and when the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

July 21: Tisha b’Av

-Israel recognizes her sin Lamentations 1:18-22 “The Lord is righteous, For I rebelled against His commandment. Hear now, all peoples, And behold my sorrow; My virgins and my young men Have gone into captivity.  “I called for my lovers, But they deceived me; My priests and my elders Breathed their last in the city, While […]