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April 25: Israeli Holiday – From Death to Life

God chose Israel to be His witness that the world, the Gentiles, might know, trust and worship Him. Sadly most people and even those who believe in the Word of God, miss the incredible miracle of Israel…truly life after death.

April 24 [May 5]: Israeli Holiday – From Death to Life

Survivors and soldiers who liberated the “camps” agree that neither words nor pictures can communicate the horror and the unfathomable hatred of man against man. At 10:00 AM sirens will blast for one minute all around Israel.

June 3: God’s unique relationship with Israel

There is a relationship between the land and the spiritual condition of Israel. God brought them back to the land to bring them back to Himself!

June 2: God’s unique relationship with Israel

-For God’s holy name Israel’s unique relationship with God does not mean that He will not punish her for disobedience and rebellion. In fact, because of that relationship, she receives double for her sins. When Israel defiled the land by worshipping idols and false gods, YHWH removed her from His holy land and sent her […]

June 1: God’s unique relationship with Israel

In a few days (June 5), Israel will celebrate another national holiday. Jerusalem Day celebrates Israel’s victory in the “Six Day War.” As a result, Israel gained control over the Old City and unified Jerusalem.